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Introduction to the Airline Industry

IATA Introduction courses and training to the Airline Industry gives you the knowledge to start your career in the Airline Industry. The Course is designed for entry-level staff and will cover below topics:

  • History of the Airline Industry
  • The Airline industry today
  • Airline organisational structure and personnel
  • Airline business model
  • Airline safety and security
  • Airport functions
  • Air navigation service providers functions
  • Airline fleet
  • Airline Manufacturers and vendors
  • Government and industry agencies

Airline Cabin Crew

  • Introduction to the Aviation Industry
  • The Cabin Crew Profession
  • Landing the job
  • Cabin Crew Lifestyle
  • Introduction to Aircraft and Aviation Familiarization
  • Crew Member coordination and communication
  • Customer service
  • Managing passenger interactions
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • Medical Emergencies and Medical Training
  • Introduction to Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials
  • Aviation Security
  • Service Procedures

Airline Customer Service

IATA Airline Customer Service courses and training give you an edge with key customer service skills and become a better airline services provider. Course designed for all customer contact staff, covers the below topics:

  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Contact techniques
  • Dealing with Complaints
  • Managing stress
  • New Trends in customer service

Airline Marketing

IATA Airline Marketing courses and training provide you with the latest Marketing strategies and stay ahead of the competition. This course is designed for marketing managers, sales managers, customer program controllers, and general sales agents. It will cover below topics:

  • Market Research Audit
  • Efficient Marketing segmentation
  • Customising products and services
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different distribution channels
  • Developing and implementing your annual marketing plan

Airline Finance & Accounting Management

IATA Airline Finance and Accounting Management courses and training give you the basic knowledge of financial management and understand the role within the airline management team. This course will cover below topics:

  • Financial analysis skills
  • Functional Approach to Cost Management
  • Practical Airline Case Studies
  • Tips to improve performance and initiate change

Airport Operations

IATA Airport Operations provides you with the knowledge to grow your career in the Airport Operations field. Course, designed for recently appointed staff working for or at an Airport, will cover below topics:

  • Overview of the air transportation system
  • Operational functions of the airport
  • Civil aviation security
  • Rescue and fire fighting, and other support services
  • Airport issues and challenges
  • Future of airports

Passenger Ground Services (40 hours)

  • Gain the knowledge to perform check-in duties and assist passengers using technology
  • Understand traveller’s needs and respond to questions relating to changing bookings, travel requirements and baggage allowances.
  • Perform meet and greets, aircraft boarding and deplaning, ticketing, baggage service, public announcements, providing connecting flight information and direction assistance, and handling unruly, upset, or angry passengers.
  • Assist passengers requiring special assistance (UM, VIP, Passenger with disabilities, injured)
  • Gain knowledge about trends in passenger service and the technological developments in the area of passenger facilitation and security.

Ground Operations Management

IATA Ground Operations Management is the key to success for today’s airline and airport ground operations professionals. The Course is designed for ground operations professionals and anyone with experience in the field of ground handling or wanting to learn about managing ground operations at an airport. At the end of the course you will learn:

  • The importance of Operational and Occupational Health and Safety training
  • Managing Risk and the components of ERPs
  • Operational Standards according to the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM)
  • Implementing Security and Safety Management Systems
  • Passenger/Baggage Handling and catering
  • Staff motivation and effective performance monitoring
  • The new aspects of fraud prevention

Air Transport Fundamentals

  • Overview of the air transport system
  • Aviation law
  • Role and function of World Aviation Organisations
  • Role and function of Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs)
  • Role and function of Airlines
  • Role and function of Airports
  • Role and function of Air Navigation Services (ANS) providers
  • Impact of technology on air transportation
  • The future of air transportation

Airline Revenue Management

IATA Airline Revenue Management gives you an opportunity to discover how legacy airlines and low-cost carriers apply basic principles of Airline Revenue Management. This course covers below topics:

  • Introduction to Revenue Management
  • Managing Airline Passenger Demand
  • Airline Pricing
  • Booking Class Assignment
  • Seat Inventory Control
  • Spoilage Management
  • Group Management
  • Scheduling and Capacity Adjustments
  • Product Distribution
  • A Revenue Management Organisation

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